Objects and Installations in the Public Venue

Experiential, Site Specific, Illuminated and Kinetic

"LAX Communica"-UW LaCrosse, Wisconsin


"Newtonian Proxies" -Duluth, MN

"Mechanics of the Ether" -Thief River Falls, MN


"Geometrica Kinesic" - UW Parkside, Kenosha, WI

"Cray Navigator" -Cray Research, Eagan, MN


“Sirens For Sirius” -Artists collection


Artists' Statement about our Public Works:

“We create experiential objects and installations... Sculpture of space.”

For over thirty years we have been creating illuminated objects and installations to be "experienced" rather than simply viewed. An event in space and time that uses light, and often motion, as primal material contained by objects as luminaries.

Our installations center themselves on the creation of an empathetic intrigue before language that gives the viewer a direct connection to expression and discovery. Through the work they are given an invitation to wonder....

Artifacts of thought, these works of exploration and discovery reflect our own fascination, enjoyment, and passion for light, kinetics, and the object. Often based on elemental archetypes, the collected forms exist as a metaphor for the activities, energy, and nuances of the site.

While art in its purest sense, the work often also functions as a beacon or marker.

Our approach to a project includes identification of a site and ideation with a focus on the stakeholders vision gleaned from interviews and site visits. Our primary goal is to enhance the viewers experience and transition them into the intent of the space by creating a work that exists in harmony with the architectural elements and extends to the spirit of "place" in a current, historical, and visual sense.

For us every possibility is open: from formal object to interactive installation. Material and technique emphasizes exquisite craftsmanship as we draw from our extensive palette encouraging materials appropriate to the project at hand.

First with neon, and now with viscous LEDs and occasionally video, our illuminated works can exist in any ambient light environment, dependent upon desire and design; and always maintain what we refer to as a "daytime presence". Utilizing these current commercial LED technologies permits reliable operation in all climatic conditions, extremely low power consumption, safe low voltage circuitry, and a 20 year life expectancy without service (100,000 hours).

With the application of durable materials, and superior fabrication and design skills, Bohemiawerks has produced many sustainable projects in diverse climates for private, corporate, and governmental clients concerning ourselves with the real life problems of works in a public environment in addition to aesthetics.

The exchange of ideas, application of our skills to specific goals, and a collaborative partnership in the creation of works for a space has always been a rewarding experience for us and has led to many long term creative relationships.


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