"Mechanicks of the Ether"


Commissioned by the Minnesota State Arts Board For the Aviation Technical Center at the Northwest Technical College, Thief River Falls, Minnesota






Site View showing work on facility hanger

Overview of the Mechanicks of the Ether

Detail of the illuminated Wing, Cowl, and Horizon Elements


Overview of Installation at Night; Wing lighting is color phase change flow animated neon.




Site View with Mechanicks seen on hanger in the background.


Detail of Wing, Cowl, Horizon Earth Line and Plumb line.






Materials: Adhered vinyl covered formed and welded Aluminum plate and sheet, Polycarbonate and Acrylic Plastics, Composite foam and Fiberglass, Neon tubing, Electric motors and components.



Activity: Flow Animated Neon Tubing, Kinetic "spinner".

Size: 26' W x 45' H x 3' deep

Artists' Statement about The Mechanicks of the Ether:

Created for the Thief River Falls Aviation Technical Center the work is a “marker” and navigation aid for the facilities hanger at the airport. The work suggests not only the "mechanics" of flight but the work of the "mechanics" that are trained at the Aviation Center. Primary elements include a classic parabolic wing (lift), cowling with animated fan (thrust), plumb bob (gravity) and horizon reminiscent of aircraft instruments (with air, earth, and water components). The work is self illuminated at night including flow animated wing lighting and an animated engine “fan”. Pilots have said that it can be seen by aircraft as far away as St. Cloud, Minnesota on a clear night.


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