"Physica Incognita "


3D Computer Model of proposed Installation for a new physics center. "Physica Incognita" comes from terra incognita: the unknown land.



The Schematic and Detail drawing of the elements of the project.

This work was designed to create a connection and metaphor for the spirit of Exploration inherent in the field of Physics. The objects are based upon the concpet of Philosophical Instruments and representing differing aspects of historical and modern physics theory and speculation. Many details of the work are self illuminated and include Uranium glassand cast glass elements. Some of the lighting was proposed as computer controlled auroral fields while one was a projected light trace of a nearby Foucault Pendulum.

Key Elements included the "Dictum Factum", the "Magnetic Governor", and the harmonic "Gravity Tower" topped with the "Gravity Well" and containing the "Reactive Plumb of Truth".

Proportions for the work are generally based upon the golden ratio of Phi.



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