Vesica Odyssica




"Vesica Odyssica", Instrument Series.

Philosophical Instrument for the Lecture on the Odyssey..

Special Features: Adjustable optics, Magnetic "Rotator", Meteorite.



Materials: Materials: Gypsum rapid prototype with iron finish; Mahogany, Red Heart, Blood Wood; brass, copper, steel, antler; Nantan meteorite, glass, magnetics, jade.

Size: 5" H x 6" W x 4" deep


Instrument for the Lecture on the Odyssey: Vesica Odyssica

This work was created for a friends wedding and a lecture on the Odyssey (of marriage?). The work includes the vessel for the voyage, or vesica (from sacred geometry), a compass rotator with optical viewer, and the recurrent plumb bob.

The Interactive Magnetic Manipulation devices enable magnetic field control of the "Rotator" which is viewed through the adjustable optics array.



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