Other Illuminated Works and Projects

Below is a sampling of past Illuminated, Kinetic, and Functional works

executed in numerous materials with Neon, LED, Electroluminescent, and other light sources.

Opus Tower Archi Detail cusotm fit to rooftop mechanical curtain walls; Mpls, MN


Target Center NBA Arena; Custom system recessed into precast panels; Mpls, MN

"Table and Tower" Illuminated work by Lead Project Manager Katherine Jones

Intarsia, Wood, Mixed Media

Opus Tower Skyway; Custom Illuminated Archi Fixture of Acrylic and Cold Cathode; Mpls, MN

Opus Tower Custom Integrated Skylight Fixture

Fine Line Music Club; Archi wall soffets and details; Mpls, MN.


Custom Cold Cathode Lighting System; Euro Style; Mpls Skyway System; Mpls, MN

Betty Brinn Childrens Museum Custom Neon details and fixtures; 3D Tubing, Alum, Steel; Milwaukee, WI

Custom Exterior Fixtures; Mpls Covention Center (52 locations)

Illuminated Transluscent walls; Betty Brinn Museum; Mil, WI

Neon Riverboat Mural; Mpls, MN (26 feet)

Neon Parrot Image

Just two of the hundreds of Neon creations from over 30 years




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