Illuminated and Functional Objects

Below are some of our past Illuminated, Kinetic and Functional Objects

executed in numerous materials with Neon, LED, Electroluminescent, and other light sources.

"Table and Tower" Illuminated work by Lead Project Manager Katherine Jones

Intarsia, Wood, Mixed Media

"Michigan Shores"; Private Commission; Neon, Wood, Brass, Bronze, Plastic, Glass - Eagan, MN.

"Shaker" (left) and "Shoeshine" (right); Kinetic Gallery Works by Katherine Jones; Mixed Woods, Elec Comp.

"Vesica Platonica"; Rapid Prototype fabrication with wood, brass, and leafing.

"Sirens for Sirius"; Light, Elec Comp, Alum and Plastics

Neon Riverboat Mural; Mpls, MN (26 feet)

Neon Parrot Image

Just two of the hundreds of Neon creations from over 30 years





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